Using Props in A Senior Session

For Photographers

One of my favorite things about senior sessions is the way you can tell their high school story! Using props in a senior session allows your senior to be creative and stay in their comfort zone.

Sports is a main part of most senior’s high school career! Whether its football, baseball, basketball, cheer/dance, etc, there will be some kind of prop you can use with your senior client.

But, if your senior isn’t into sports, don’t fret! Ask them what their hobbies or extra curricular activities are outside of school! If they are into playing a musical instrument, painting, magic tricks, fishing, literally anything, let them bring some props! Feel free to get creative with their favorite things!

Using props in a senior session also allows your galleries to have a variety of images! This also may help them step outside of their comfort zone of already being in front of the camera. Get them talking about their favorite sport, what they love about their hobby, or maybe show some tricks. It will get them more comfortable around you and the camera where you can start to see their authentic smiles!

Next time you have an inquiry for seniors, don’t forget to ask about their extra curricular activities or hobbies! Mention they can bring anything of interest to incorporate into their session.

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