3 Tips for Senior Poses


Getting a variety of images is always a goal when photographing a session. But how do you do it without making your client change poses with every shutter click? I’m sharing my 3 tips for senior poses with you to help your galleries!

Interested in learning my secrets? Keep reading below!

There are 3 things you can have your client change up while never moving their feet!

Tip #1 – Changing where they are looking

Changing where they are looking at the camera is the easiest out of the three for anybody! I always start with my client looking straight at the camera. From there I have them look over their shoulder (it helps if somebody is there with them to look at) and then sometimes if the pose allows them, have them look down at the ground.

Tip #2 – Hand placement

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “I’m not sure what to do with my hands” either from your client or the movie Talladega Nights with Will Ferrell. Well good news is, you’ll know what to do with their hands!

If you notice above, all the images look very similar in the way they are standing. It’s because they are all on the same pose foundation. By switching up their hand placement, you are giving the client 3 options without them breaking a sweat.

They can hold a piece of their garment, a prop, play with their hair, or just have their hand down by their side.

Tip #3 – Emotion

Emotion is one of the last things you can have your client change without changing the pose completely! This one is sometimes harder for certain personalties, so don’t feel discouraged if they don’t execute it well. Some people are great at the resting no smile face (I definitely am not one of those people!) and some may say “I just look mean”. That’s okay! There are other options you can do. A soft smile without showing teeth, a normal smile, or have them laugh/giggle.

Hopefully my 3 tips for senior poses will help you not feel stuck or overwhelmed in your sessions!

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